Eric A. Yancy, M.D.

Eric A. Yancy, M.D.Pediatrician, Eric A. Yancy has been has been taking care of the children of Indianapolis for more then three decades... fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming a physician. Along the way, he's also been pursuing his passion for singing, recently completing his debut gospel CD, "Modern Spiritual".

Eric's inspiration for his CD's title song came early one morning, after hearing a news report about a tragic murder. "A young patient of mine had been shot to death the night before. I wondered what could be the difference between the old days and the new ones. Why so much strife? Then I wondered if it could be that we have placed God on the back burner, in favor of our own successes and indulgences". Eager to spread the word of God, Eric wrote "Modern Spiritual".

The Baton Rouge, Louisiana, native has been singing as long as he can remember. "I sang my first solo for a Christmas program when I was in the second grade. I sang Silent Night. I actually sneaked into the youth choir at my church when I was 12. Instead of kicking me out, they let me stay." And he's been singing, uplifting and inspiring audiences nationwide ever since.

Dr. Yancy's smooth baritone voice and his matchless style are sure to make a mark on the world of music. As he releases his first CD, he hopes you'll be inspired... to put GOD back as the head of your life.

Dr. Yancy lives in Indianapolis with his wife, Pamela. He has three children and three grandchildren.

"There are many gifts a man can give... and the most wondrous of these is song..."